Fibonacci staking plan with protection against losing streaks


This is a variation of the classical Fibonacci (Backing) staking plan, only it offers a certain protection against long losing streaks.

The plan starts as usual, by placing 1, 2, 3, 5 etc. units, but as soon as we've lost a certain number of times in a row, the next bet is set very low, e.g. 0.01 unit. We keep placing this small bet until the next win, then the Fibonacci sequence is resumed from where it ended.

Example for a plan with 3 losses in a row triggering a small bet:

Bet number Stake, units Won/Lost
1. 1 L
2. 2 L
3. 3 L
4. 0.01 L
5. 0.01 W
6. 5 L
7. 8 L
8. 13 W
9. 5 W
10. 2 L
11. 3 L
12. 5 L
13. 0.01 L
14. 0.01 L
15. 0.01 L

Once the sequence has reached the maximum step, it reverts to the initial stake.

The idea behind this is an attempt to limit the losses when you're on a losing streak.

This is an example of a statement recorded after a series of such bets.

Fibonacci staking plan with protection against losing streaks


Download the trigger file.

The following constants in the file will help adjust the plan:


This plan will only work correctly if the next bet is placed after the previous market is settled, i.e. its bets' P/Ls are calculated. If the next market starts earlier than the previous one is settled, it'll be skipped.

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