Laying on SP drifters in handicap races

This trigger example was requested by our customer and first discussed in this forum topic. One of users on the forum suggested to add a condition that prevents a bet if there is a big gap between the back and lay price, which I think is reasonable. The condition has been added to the trigger file, and it stipulates that the back price of the runner should not be below 10 ticks less than the lay price.

What he was looking for is:

There may be a lot of doubts as for the safety and efficiency of this strategy, but it is well worth trying.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

We limited the number of selections to one per market, and added a price limit of 100 (i.e. if the price of the eligible runner is higher than that, no bet is placed on it).

On the day of testing this trigger I did not lose any bet, which can be considered a good sign, but please DO read the following remarks:

Here is a screenshot of the account statement taken at the end of the trading session. The outcome of each event was downloaded from BetFair, so what you see is the realistic results that you may get from this, still very risky, strategy.

Click here to download an Excel sheet containing the full statement for that day.

You can discuss this example on our forum.

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