Lay Pro 88 Staking Plan


Lay Pro 88 will make you money - a pretty blunt and simple statement from the authors of this staking plan. Let's see what exactly they offer.

You pick the third favourite in each race where there are at least 10 runners. It must be behind the first favourite by at least 1.5, e.g. if the first fav's odds are 2.5, the third fav's odds must be no less than 4.0. Besides, the third favourite must be in the price range of 5.5 to 7.5.

Then you lay on the qualifying horses according to a staking plan. You start with one unit (the size of the unit is recommended to be no higher than 1/50 of your bank). After each loss increase the next bet by 1 unit. After each win you decrease the next bet by 1/5 of the unit size, unless the bet is already equal to 1 unit.

Example: 10 (Win), 10 (Loss), 20 (Win), 18 (Win), 16 (Win), 14 (Loss), 24 (Win), 22 (Win) and so on.


Download the trigger file

You can adjust the triggers by changing the values of the following constants inside the file:

unit_size - Unit size (the initial bet) in your currency;

win_reduction - Reduction coefficient for bets after a win. E.g. if it is equal to 0.2, then the next bet will be reduced by unit_size*0.2.

min_runners - Minimum number of runners;

mins_before_off - When to place a bet, minutes before start;

idx - Rank of the favourite to lay on (1 - first fav., 2 - second fav. and so on);

min_price_dif - Minimum price difference between first favourite and the horse to lay on;

min_odds - Minimum odds to lay at;

max_odds - Maximum odds to lay at.

Sample Statement

This statement is a result of the Lay Pro 88 plan applied to 17 races that took place on 14/06/2014 (through backtesting in Time Machine). I had to include all races with up to 6 runners though, in order to generate more bets and demonstrate how the plan works. 

 Sample statement for the Lay Pro 88 Staking Plan

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