2-6 Staking Plan


This staking plan is a variation of the Logic System.

You aim to win 2 bets out of a sequence of 6. Each bet in this sequence is multiplied by a predefined number from this list:

1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12

E.g. if you start with £10, you bet to win the following amounts:

£10, £20, £40, £60, £80, £120.

If there is any loss after any of these bets, you include this loss in the next bet. Once you have won 2 bets, you restart the cycle. If you have reached the end of the cycle and have not won 2 bets, you restart too. After the restart, the new stake is recalculated as the percentage of the new bank.

The idea behind this is that the favourites do win more often that other horses/teams/players, so this plan is good for backing on favourites.

Here is a step-by-step example of this plan with a starting bank of £1000 and a bet target of 1% (to win £10 with the first bet):

Step Odds Back Stake Won/Lost Balance (start from 1000)
1 2.3 £7.69 W £1010
2 3.5 £8 L £1002
3 1.85 £47.06 L £954.94
4 2.7 £61.8 L £893.14
5 3.1 £88.98 W £1080
6 3.8 £3.86 L £1076.14

As you can see, the sequence was restarted after the fifth bet when two bets had been won. The new bet target was calculated as 1% of 1080.


Click here to download the trigger file.

In the constants you can set:

cycle_length : Cycle length (the number of bets in the sequence). You can change this value, but beware that all bets beyond the 6th will be multiplied by multiplier 1, i.e. by 12 in this example;

bet_target : Number of winning bets;

init_bet : Starting bet, percentage of the bank;

min_price : Minimum odds of the bet;

max_price : Maximum odds of the bet;

multiplier1 : Multiplier 1;

multiplier2 : Multiplier 2;

multiplier3 : Multiplier 3;

multiplier4 : Multiplier 4;

multiplier5 : Multiplier 5;

multiplier6 : Multiplier 6;

In Action

Here is a sample statement generated after a sequence of 11 races:

2-6 Staking Plan

Please note that this plan was designed for backing on the favourites, so it is unlikely that it will be working with selections that have a low chance of winning. Nor will it work with Lay bets.

Be reasonable when setting the size of your initial bet. Anything above 3% can quickly wipe out your bank.

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