Frequently asked questions

What are system requirements to run MarketFeeder?

What if my computer is not fast enough / I have slow connection / I can't keep my computer on for a whole day?

Take advantage of our BetVPS solution - your own server with MarketFeeder Pro installed and full support. It is much cheaper than buying access to a VPS from a third party!

Can I get support? Is it free? What's included?

Support of MarketFeeder Pro is absolutely FREE of charge for all customers. We regulary make patches and react to every minor bug report you may submit. Still we will appreciate if you attentively read help file, Frequently Asked Questions and review Trigger Examples relevant to your problem before contacting us.

If you did not find a trigger among the examples and you don't know how to set it up you can consider using our Trigger Development Service.

What other software can MarketFeeder Pro connect to?

MarketFeeder Pro can be integrated with MS Excel. Not only can you export market data and your bets into a spreadsheet, but also send the program commands from Excel and see monitored markets in your spreadsheet in real-time mode.

You can also use MarketFeeder Pro to import data from and export it to text files.

What countries do you work with?

We work with all countries whose residents can have accounts with BetFair. We provide support in English, Portuguese and Russian.

Can I sell my triggers to other users?

Yes, you can, in fact we encourage you to do so! If you have a valuable trigger file that could be of interest to other users, you can protect it and share or sell. You can even use our forum to advertise your triggers free of charge.

Do I have to have funds in my account in order to learn?

You can efficiently learn how to trade in MarketFeeder Pro with a zero BF account. The program has special Test Mode in which you place bets with virtual money. They look and behave practically the same way as real bets, thus letting you try and polish your strategies without risking a penny. (Although BetFair may restrict your account if you regularly monitor multiple markets without placing any real bets).

However, it is one of BetFair requirements that you have deposited at least the minimum amount into your account before you can start using BetFair bots.

Can I run the program using different BetFair accounts?

Your licence covers one account. You can transfer it between accounts free of charge or purchase a separate subscription for each account. You can run multiple coplies of MarketFeeder Pro at the same time, each operating under a different username.

What automated betting tools are available as part of MarketFeeder Pro?

Triggers, Auto-Greenup (hedging), Auto-Dutching (book arbitrage), Trailing Stop-Loss.

What is Triggered Betting?

Triggered betting is a way to execute specific actions based on your conditions. That is how you can "program" your strategies and systems in MarketFeeder Pro. You don't have to be a programmer, though. Triggers are keyed in using simple English commands and drop-down lists which can be configured by an ordinary user. Read What is a trigger? Why would I need one?

What markets does MarketFeeder Pro support?

It supports all markets listed on, except coupons. You can have hundreds of markets loaded in the program and monitor multiple markets at the same time. There is a powerful tool for market search, the Market Locator, which helps you find and add the necessary markets according to your criteria.

I have a system that I want to try. Can you help me?

Most probably yes. We provide free technical support for subscribers, including help with triggers. We also have a library of ready solutions and a friendly online community where you can ask questions and find answers. Please note though that free support implies our right to publish everything we have created on our web site or on the forum to help others learn.

How MarketFeeder Pro is different from other betting bots?

It allows you to program your own strategies and let them run without your presence. Other bots usually implement just a couple of popular techniques or staking plans. MarketFeeder Pro allows you to do practically anything you can think of in terms of betting. Just run your bot and leave to do your business.

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