The Pro Staking Plan


We (or rather one of our customers) borrowed this plan from The Staking Machine. Its author calls it "the most aggressive staking plans there are and is ideally suited to high strike rates". The sequence of steps in this plan is the following:

  1. This is a Backing staking plan.

  2. Set a target profit for each event, as a percentage of the starting bank. E.g. if your bank is £100 and the target points are 5, this means you are aiming to gain £5 after the end of each event.

  3. Pick a Divisor for this staking plan. The Divisor is a number that will be used to calculate each new stake. Choosing the right Divisor is crucial for this staking plan. Ideally, it must not be higher than the minimum odds at which you intend to bet, otherwise you might never recover your losses after a long losing streak, as you will not be earning enough to cover your losses. So for example, if the average odds you back at are 3.5, set the Divisor to 3.0–3.2 to be on the safe side.

  4. Your bet is calculated as the target profit multiplied by the consecutive number of the market (starting from the first bet in the sequence) plus the amount you have lost or minus the amount you have won. All of this should then be divided by the Divisor – and you'll get the size of each bet (see the table below which will make it much clearer).

  5. After you have reached the target profit, restart the sequence and recalculate your initial stake.

Here is a table illustrating the above sequence.

T = Target profit (points) per event

T+L = Target + Loss (if losing) OR Target - Gain (if winning)

S = Stake

R = Result

W = Points won in that event

L = Points lost in that event

AWL = Running total of accumulated WINS and LOSSES


Event # T T+L S R W L AWL
1 05 05 2 L   -2 -2
2 10 12 4 L   -4 -6
3 15 21 7 L   -7 -13
4 20 33 11 W, price 3.0 22   9
5 25 16 5 L   -5 4
6 30 26 9 W, price 2.0 9   13
7 35 22 7   -7 6
8 40 34 11 W, price 5.0  44   50
9 05 05 2 L    -2 -2

So, as you can see, in event #8 the target profit of 40 points was reached and exceeded. At this point all the profit is withdrawn and the sequence started again with 5 points as the target. The stake S is calculated as (T+L)/Divisor, then rounded up to the nearest integer. In this case the Divisor is equal to 3.


Click here to download the trigger file.

In the constants you can set:

points_target : Points target per race, percentage of the bank;

divisor : The divisor (the number by which you divide target + loss to get current stake);

max_loss : Maximum loss at which the trigger stops betting;

min_price : Minimum price of the bet;

max_price : Maximum price of the bet;

fav_rank : Favourite's rank (1 - for the lowest-priced selection).

In Action

I will be honest with you: this plan is a controversial one. It can wipe your bank out sooner than you'll notice. As its author has correctly put, this plan is for bets at higher odds. Expecting it to work with low-priced favourites is a bad idea. Here is what I have got after trying to apply it to Horse Racing, place markets:

The Pro staking plan in Horse Racing, place markets

Download the CSV file of this statement.

The figures in the bottom of the statement are not very promising, right? The settings I used for this round of testing:

= 1
divisor = 1.0
min_price = 1.1
max_price = 4
points_target = 2.0

The prices of the favourites in place markets are low (often lower than 2.0), so this plan quickly winds out of control by increasing your bets enormously since the divisor is so low.

I had much more luck with Greyhound where typical prices for the favourite are above 3.0:

The Pro staking plan in Greyhound

Download the CSV file of this statement.

The settings I used for this round of testing:

fav_rank = 1
divisor = 3.0
min_price = 3.5
max_price = 6
points_target = 2.0

Still, you can see that with the initial stake of £2, the plan has at some point led to a loss of £31 in one of the markets.

You might want to test your grounds in Time Machine or just in Test Mode before you attempt to use this plan in real mode. The choice of markets and constant values is crucial here.

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