Terms of use and prices for the Trigger Development Service

MarketFeeder Pro, among its numerous tools, offers Triggered Betting, the automated betting engine which can be "programmed" using triggers.

What is a trigger? Why would I need one?

A request for a trigger is a user's formal request to automate their strategy or a certain betting technique by way of triggers.

When you subscribe to MarketFeeder Pro, you are granted free technical support and a certain number of free requests for Trigger Development Service. Once the free quota is used up, every subsequent trigger request must be pre-paid before it will be processed by our triggered betting specialists.

Here is the breakdown of free trigger request quotas and prices:

Prices for Trigger Development Service
Subscription Type No. of free trigger requests Cost of each extra request
Free trial 0 £9
2 weeks' subscription 0
1 month’s subscription 1
3 months’ subscription 3
6 months' subscription 5
1 year’s subscription 9

Each trigger request will be processed by an experienced triggered betting specialist who has designed hundreds of triggers for other users before.

The payment is non-refundable unless we decide that your trigger request is unfeasible. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for triggers that require extra hours to code.

You will need to create a new topic in the designated forum board and describe what kind of trigger you need. Then you will be redirected to our billing page where the system will check how many free requests you have and whether you'll need to pay extra. Once these formalities are through with, your topic will become open to the support team who will respond in it shortly.

Please note: one trigger request can cover exactly one trigger strategy. We can return only one trigger file per one trigger request!

Order trigger development service now

Please note that free trigger requests will be automatically moved and published in the public forum for Triggered Betting, so that other users can learn and participate in the discussion. Trigger requests which you have paid for will be visible only to you and the person who will work on it. You may choose to pay for your triggers even if you still have free trigger requests unused.

If you need to have your triggers adjusted or add a new option / function to them after you have been supplied with a trigger file, please start a new topic.

Bug fixes and general questions about the program and its usage are still FREE and addressed by the support on the forum and via email.

Please note that you may choose anyone else to be your trigger provider. We recommend Mensalbot and BettingDev as the first choice, but you can use a third-party’s free or commercial solutions, or indeed make your trigger yourself (which is much more fun!).

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