Backing on Under 2.5 Goals


After 20 minutes of the market going in-play, back on "Under 2.5 Goals". Green it up 20 minutes later (if possible). If a goal was scored and no greening-up took place, distribute the loss equally.


Click here to download the trigger file.

You can adjust the triggers using the following constants:

bet_minute: At what match minute to back;

greenup_minute: How many minutes to wait before greening up;

bet_size: Size of the back bet.

Triggers in Action

After the back bet:

After the back bet

After the bet has been greened up. Note the time of the match, which is roughly 20 minutes later than the back bet.

After the green-up

After the goal, the loss has been distributed equally (due to the goal scored earlier than within 20 minutes of the back bet):

After the stop-loss

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