The Goal Lines Martingale plan


The Goal Lines Martingale plan diagram

This is a variation of the Over/Under Martingale staking plan, and a much easier one if you ask me! Why is that? Because it takes place in a single market rather than spreading over 9, as it is the case in the classic Over/Under.

Plus, the structure of P/L in Goal Lines bets on some selections allows you to risk only half of your bet on certain outcome.

You start by backing on Under 0.5&1.0 goals (Handicap 0.75). This means that if the score is 0 - 0, you will earn the greatest payout of your stake multiplied by the (price - 1). If the score is 1 - 0 or 0 - 1, you will lose half of your bet, and if the number of goals is 2 or more, you will lose all of your bet.

This feature allows you to pursue a "soft" version of Martingale, recovering 50% of your previous bet if the score increases by 1 goal. So your next bet is placed on Under 1.5&2.0 goals. Once the score increased by 2 goals or more, the next bet must compensate 100% of the bets you placed earlier on outcomes that were less than the current sum of goals by 2 or more.


Initial score: 0 - 0.

1. Back £10 at 7.0 on Under 0.5&1.0 goals. New score: 1 - 0.

2. Back £10 + (£10/2)/(3.8 - 1) = £11.78 at 3.8 on Under 1.5&2.0 goals. New score: 1 - 1.

3. Back £10 + (£10 + £11.78/2)/(2.7 - 1) = £19.35 at 2.7 on Under 2.5&3.0 goals. New score: 2 - 1.

4. Back £10 + (£10 + £11.78 + 19.35/2)/(2.14 - 1) = £37.59 at 2.14 on Under 3.5&4.0 goals.

The match ends with the score of 2 - 1. You will get:

-£10 - £11.78 - £19.35 + £37.59*(2.14-1) = £1.72.

Obviously, the less goals the teams score in a match, the better off you will be at the end of it.

The beauty of this plan is that you can start backing at any score. So if you enter the game at 1 - 1, you just place your first bet on Under 2.5&3.0, and the trigger will pick up from there.

Also, you are ensured against fast goals in succession, when you might not have enough time to place your bet before the next goal is scored. The triggers will then back on the next selection, with appropriate loss recovery factored into the amount of the bet.


Download the trigger file

You can adjust the following settings if you like:

bet_size: The size of the initial back bet.

min_price: The minimum price of the bet. You can set it high enough to avoid backing huge amounts towards the end of the game (obviously accepting the inevitable loss from the earlier bets in that game).

Triggers in Action

Important! When testing the triggers in Test Mode, the list of bets stays in the market all the way through the game until the market is settled. In real mode though (when you are backing real money), your bets will disappear one by one as the score increases. This will NOT affect how the triggers perform! The triggers have been double checked in real mode.

This is a sample account statement you may get after a series of bets placed by these triggers:

The Goal Lines Martingale plan sample account statement

Note how the only 50% of the bet before the last one is deducted from your balance.

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