Offset betting in Over/Under markets


You choose an Over/Under football market with high liquidity which is determined by the traded volume and the gap between the back and lay prices. At certain time before the beginning of the match you start backing and laying on both selections at prices which are 2 ticks better than the offer. E.g. if the back price is 4.0, you back at 4.2, and if the lay price is 4.5, you lay at 4.3. Both stakes will quite likely stay unmatched at first.

As soon as one of the bets gets matched, you cancel the other one and repeat the cycle, backing and laying again on the same selection but at new prices.

At 5 mins before the off you close all positions by cancelling unmatched bets and distributing all the loss equally.


Download trigger file.

If you wish to keep betting at In-Play, just set the constant mins_end to a negative value. Also note that the frequency with which your bets are updated must be higher than the frequency of repeating the first block of triggers. In the file it is repeated once in 5 sec., keeping in mind that the default frequency of updating bets is 3 sec. If your frequency is different, please set the rate at which the block is repeated to a value that is 2 sec greater.

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