Saver (No Bet)

This is a simple betting example that could be used in a market with three possible outcomes, such as "Match Odds" in Soccer (the most popular application area).

In this case you back on one of the outcomes (teams) to win, and put a saver bet on The Draw. Thus if the team you back on wins, you will win money, if they play with an equal score, you will neither win nor lose anything, and only if the second team wins will you be exposed to liability.

A minute explanation of this strategy is given here. In short, what we are trying to achieve could be illustrated by this picture.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

Little explanation is required I believe. The triggers put two back bets, of different size, on one of the teams (which you believe will win) and The Draw. The first trigger named "setting the overall stake size" defines the total amount you want to spend on these bets.

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