The Dutching Chaser


If you are struggling to find a market where Dutching would be possible, this trigger example is for you!

Underrounds and overrounds can now be rarely spot. They are the situations when horses' chances for losing add up to less than 100% or their chances for winning to greater than 100%. With cross-matching and multiple bots on the market it is unlikly you will catch the necessary combination and even less likely that it'll stay long enough for you to have all your bets matched.

This set of triggers is designed to "chase" this opportunity. It takes advantage of the selections whose price is growing to compensate for those whose price is falling.
To select the right markets, the triggers filter out those with too many runners and unpromising book percentage.
At the start of betting a trigger backs all selections in the market at a price that is several ticks higher than the current price. This way the bets will form an underround if matched. The task of the rest of the triggers is to get them matched.

In a market with high liquidity the prices of all selections will most probably start fluctuating, increasing and decreasing, often in waves. The triggers will watch this process and adjust the prices of the offered bets so as to match them at the best price available given the situation in the market.

Watch this video to see how the triggers are working.

As usual, you will find a number of constants in the file which will help you to adjust the triggers to your liking. The constants whose descriptions are enclosed in square brackets are - in my opinion - minor factors.


Click here to download the trigger file.

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