Triggers with tag "Dutching"

  • Two-Stage Dutching (Back)
    Use triggers to place two rounds of Dutching in the same market, to the specified target profit.
  • Collective Greenup
    The main idea I'm playing with is the chance to compensate one selection's losses by the other selection's profits in a highly liquid market.
  • Completing a back dutch if one bet is unmatched
    This is a short case study dedicated to uncompleted back Dutchings.
  • Back Dutching at lay prices and Lay Dutching at back prices
    Place back bets on selected runners to win or lose a fixed amount, but at their lay prices.
  • Lay-Dutching with loss recoupment
    Lay on selected runners to an equal profit. If the bets end up with a loss, recoup this loss in the next markets.
  • Back and Lay Dutching on specified favourites with a target profit
    This example is an extension of the standard Auto-Dutching tool of MarketFeeder Pro. While this tool solves the majority of tasks related to Dutching, you may want to further tune it up, so a trigger will be a better solution.
  • Back-Dutching specific selections, then greening them up all at once
    Back-Dutch selections, whose price is less than 7.0, provided that there are at least two selections to Dutch.
  • Lay On All Selections Except the Three Favourites
    Lay-Dutch on all selections except the three favourites, in a race with 10 or more runners, if they make a lay book of 40% or less. Lay to the maximum loss of £20.
  • Back-Dutching On Specified Selections
    At a certain time before the start of an event find selections in the specified price range, whose cumulative book percentage fits into the given minimum and maximum, and place back Dutch bets on them to win a fixed profit or alternatively to stay within a fixed liability.
  • Back Dutching with loss recoupment
    This is an exact opposite of Lay Dutching with loss recoupment. Beware though that when you do back Dutching, your liability can be way higher than the amount you're looking to win.
  • The Dutching Chaser
    If you are struggling to find a market where Dutching would be possible, this trigger example is for you!
  • Laying on two selections priced below 2.0
    Lay on two selections whose prices fell below 2.0, to win a fixed amount of money if any of them wins.
  • Lay-Dutching The 3rd and 4th Favourites
    Lay on the third and fourth favourites in the races with 9 or more runners, if the price of the fourth favourite is no higher than 9.0. Place the bets at 5 mins before the off.
  • The Greyhound Bookie System
    Take a race with 6 runners. Put runners No 1, 3 and 5 in one group, and runners 2, 4, 6 - in another group. Note which group has lower aggregate odds, then Dutch-back this group.
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