Triggers in Action

Triggers in Action is all about testing betting strategies. Roughly each week we will take a new strategy, program it into triggers and test these triggers for 7 days in a row to reveal any vulnerabilities or risks, tweak their input to get a better output and assess their performance.

This is going to be an exciting experience for both me, an experienced trading bot developer, and you, experienced BetFair traders!

I will test sports betting strategies in football, tennis, horse racing, Greyhound racing and occasionally in basketball and hockey.

I will record my wins and losses as a set of account statement files for you to download. At the end of each testing week, I will publish the results in a weekly blog post in this section. I will try to be brutally honest with you! If something isn’t working, I won’t be sweeping it under the carpet. If my account statement is horribly red, you will see it! It will serve as a warning for you to steer clear of such dead-ends of strategies.

Each post will also contain a link to a downloadable installation package with the triggers I used, the Market Locator template for searching the right markets and the program settings I’ve used for the testing. Run this package, and you will be able to replicate the results yourself!

How and where I test the triggers?

I use our BetVPS service to pre-set the triggers and Market Locator and leave it to run on its own until I check on the results at the end of the day.

I occasionally use Time Machine to get a proof of concept or test any tweaks that I want to make to my triggers, on historical markets similar to the ones in which I bet when testing a particular strategy.

I use Test Mode only.

Warning: because I will place test bets only (albeit with a delay of 1.5 sec to imitate the delay you may experience if your connection is not very fast or if the market is In-Play), I will not be testing certain strategies that absolutely depend on BetFair’s real mechanism of bet matching, such as all kinds of scalping. I believe that Test Mode is good for testing 90% of betting strategies, yet it does have its limits, so take that into account when switching to real mode.

Because I will bet in real markets, there is no chance I can tweak the winners – you can watch the events yourself and catch me red-handed if you spot any discrepancies between my statement and the actual sports outcomes.

I will try various settings and configurations until I find the ones that look optimal to me. But I’ll never do any changes to either triggers or settings during the day, after the trading session has begun. If I need to make any changes, I do it before the start of the next day.

I am open to suggestions and feedback. Please post your ideas and comments on our forum.

Yours sincerely,

  • Backing on Over 0.5 Goals at increasing prices
    Back on Over 0.5 goals in football at three different moments during the first half: get the best odds while the score is still 0 - 0. A loss recovery plan included.
  • Laying on Greyhounds with loss recovery
    At 30 seconds before the start of a race, lay a percentage of the bank (or to a liability which is a percentage of a bank) on the chosen favourite in a Greyhound Win market, with the minimum and maximum price. Recover potential loss in several steps.
  • Lay Dutching on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th favourites on horse racing with green-up
    At 3 minutes before the start of a horse race, place three Lay Dutching bets on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th favourites. Green them up as soon as possible.
  • Maria Lay Staking Plan
    The idea behind the Maria staking plan is very simple: you bet different amounts depending on the size of your bank and on the price of the selection. Your stakes are adjusted if you make profits or get exposed to losses. The flexibility of this plan makes it so efficient.
  • Over/Under Martingale (Football)
    This is a classic Martingale staking plan applied to "Over/Under" markets in football. Lay against Over x.5 goals and recover your losses as the score increases.
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