Laying on Greyhounds with loss recovery


Laying on Greyhounds is very popular among our Brazilian customers, to the extent of having multiple requests to this effect on our forum. There must be something to it, so see below.

At 30 seconds before the start of a race, lay a percentage of the bank (or to a liability which is a percentage of a bank) on the chosen favourite in a Greyhound Win market, with the minimum and maximum price. Do not bet in markets where at least one dog is replaced with a reserved one.

Any loss should be recovered in steps over the next specified number of races, then return to the initial percentage of the bank. Stop trading once the total profit or total loss for the day have reached the specified percentage of the starting bank.

The list of dogs to lay on is often imported from a text file, in which case there is an additional condition to skip the race if the dog is the first favourite.


Click here to download the trigger file.

You can adjust trigger settings using the following constants in the file:

min_odds Minimum lay price
max_odds Maximum lay price
min_runners Minimum number of runners
min_rank Minimum rank of the favourite (1 - the first favourite)
max_rank Maximum rank of the favourite (1 - the first favourite)
mins_before_start When to start betting (minutes before the off)
init_liab Size of liability (% of current bank)
target_loss Maximum loss (% of bank) after which the triggers stop betting
target_profit Maximum profit (% of bank) after which the triggers stop betting
cycle_length Number of steps in the loss recovery cycle
max_recovery_odds Maximum price during the loss recovery cycle
max_bets Maximum number of markets with simultaneous bets

Triggers in Action

If you import dogs from a text file, please watch a video below showing how to do that:

The triggers are very straightforward, just laying on the chosen favourite or on the selections you import from the text file. In this case, the trigger has laid on the third favourite, with a liability of 1% of the current bank.

Laying on Greyhound with a liability of a percentage of a fixed bank

You can then employ statistics and tipsters’ advice to choose which dogs to actually lay against.

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