Setting Target Profit and Maximum Loss for your triggered betting session


One of the most frequent requests to our trigger development service is for adding the maximum profit and maximum loss limitations to existing triggers, whereby the trigger stops betting once the total profit or total loss since the start of the betting session has reached a certain amount.

Please see below how you can easily do this by yourself.


Click here to download the trigger file.

In the constants you can set:

target_profit : Target profit, in percentage of the starting bank. E.g. 30 means the triggers will stop once you have earned 30% or more of the bank you started with;

max_loss : Maximum loss, in percentage of the starting bank. E.g. 50 means the triggers will stop once you have lost 50% or more of the bank you started with.

In Action

There are two ways you can take advantage of these triggers.

1. Use this file as a template and build your further triggers based on them, i.e. replace "lay" with "back" if needed, add more conditions or other triggers, e.g. staking plan triggers.

2. Incorporate these triggers into an existing trigger file. In order to do this, open your existing triggers in MF Pro. Then download the file above and navigate to it using any file explorer you have. Double-click on the trigger file, and it will open in a separate Triggers Editor window. This way you will have two trigger files opened side by side, and you will easily edit them as required.

In the example below, I will incorporate the target profit and maximum loss into the Fibonacci (Laying) staking plan.

First, copy the trigger called "initialising variables" in the file from this example.

Copy trigger

Then switch to the window with your own triggers and paste the trigger in the very first trigger block you have.

Insert trigger

The pasted trigger will appear on top of all other triggers in the block:

initialising variables

Get back to the trigger example and open the conditions of the trigger that makes the bet: it is called "betting trigger (replace with your own triggers)". Copy the condition into the Clipboard:

copy the trigger condition

Now switch to your triggers and find the trigger that makes bets (it does not matter whether it is a back or lay or a Dutching trigger). Open its conditions:

open conditions

Insert the copied condition into the condition block. It will appear underneath all other conditions:

paste condition

Finally, manually copy the constants target_profit and max_loss to your own trigger file. You can omit the descriptions.

copy constants

Download the finished Fibonacci (Laying) trigger with the target profit and max loss.

If you have done everything correctly and run the triggers for a while, then after you reach either the target profit or the maximum loss, you will see this message appear when hovering your mouse over the betting trigger:

the condition that cannot be met indicates that target profit has been reached

This means this condition is not satisfied, i.e. your won/lost amount is now outside the maximum profit/loss set for the betting session.

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