• Setting Target Profit and Maximum Loss for your triggered betting session
    This is a one-size-fits-all solution for setting the target profit and/or the maximum loss after which your triggers will stop betting until you reload them next time. The example contains some actionable advice as to how incorporate the triggers into your existing trigger file.
  • Three triggers for simple Stop-Loss, after backing
    This example is the opposite of the "Three triggers for simple Stop-Loss, after laying"
  • Trailing Stop-Loss, back then lay
    The triggers will maintain a trailing stop-loss function: that is whenever the price drops down and the market is in your favour, the current lay price of the selections that you backed on will be remembered.
  • Trailing Stop-Loss, lay then back
    This example acts symmetrically to the other one called "Trailing Stop-Loss, back then lay"
  • Three triggers for simple Stop-Loss, after laying
    Each trigger places a stop-loss back bet to minimise the probable loss from a lay bet that you might place before.
  • Betting based on Welles Wilder's Relative Strength Index
    It combines several aspects. It is a trading trigger that concentrates on the favourite. It is based on Welles Wilder's Relative Strength Index (RSI) which he developed for the stock market a long time ago but it can be used in high volume betting markets.
  • Continuous laying and greening-up, with stop-loss
    This example is the opposite of "Continuous backing and greening up". It places lay bets on chosen selections and waits for the opportunity to green up, if the prices keep moving up. If, however, they start falling down, the stop-loss bet is placed to minimise the loss.
  • Repetitive Backing and Laying with Stop-Loss
    This example automates scalping, whereby you back on a selection then green it up or distribute the loss equally, then repeat this cycle. Its implementation is generic, i.e. it covers the general case, but you may add more triggers or conditions to it if it needs customisation. With stop-loss.
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