Triggers with tag "Over / Under markets"

  • Backing on N more goals after a promising first half
    Back on the chance that the teams will score N more goals following a first half where both teams scored a certain number of goals.
  • Back on Unders one goal ahead of the current score
    Back in Under/Over markets on the selection that is one goal ahead of the current score at a specified number of minutes into the game. Only do this if previous market is settled, i.e. one market at a time.
  • Connecting several markets of a football match
    This trigger example is not about the complexity or the efficiency of the strategy implemented. It is rather a case study on how to connect different markets of the same match (e.g. football match).
  • Over/Under Martingale (Football)
    This is a classic Martingale staking plan applied to "Over/Under" markets in football. Recover your losses on scored goals within one match.
  • Backing on Under 2.5 Goals
    After 20 minutes of the market going in-play, back on "Under 2.5 Goals". Green it up 20 minutes later (if possible). If a goal was scored and no greening-up took place, distribute the loss equally.
  • Offset betting in Over/Under markets
    You choose an Over/Under football market with high liquidity which is determined by the traded volume and the gap between the back and lay prices. At certain time before the beginning of the match you start backing and laying on both selections at prices which are 2 ticks better than the offer. E.g. if the back price is 4.0, you back at 4.2, and if the lay price is 4.5, you lay at 4.3. Both stakes will quite likely stay unmatched at first.
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