Triggers with tag "The Draw"

  • Back The Draw and Green up at HT
    This trigger will back The Draw at a specified time before the start of the game. At half-time it will green-up if in profit, or distribute the loss.
  • Connecting several markets of a football match
    This trigger example is not about the complexity or the efficiency of the strategy implemented. It is rather a case study on how to connect different markets of the same match (e.g. football match).
  • Saver (No Bet)
    This is a simple betting example that could be used in a market with three possible outcomes, such as "Match Odds" in Soccer (the most popular application area).
  • Football Cash Generator
    At the start of a football match place a back bet on the selection named "0 - 0" in a Correct Score market. At the same time use 95% of the expected profit from this "0 - 0" bet to place a lay bet on "The Draw" in a Match Odds market of the same game. If a goal is scored, then green up "The Draw".
  • Laying on The Draw, then greening up or distributing the loss
    Lay on "The Draw" in In-Play Match Odds football markets before the game has started. After the market turns In-Play, green up The Draw, or distribute the loss equally if the draw's odds fall below your set price, or if certain time has passed since the start of the game.
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