Custom selections

  • Back-Dutching specific selections, then greening them up all at once
    Back-Dutch selections, whose price is less than 7.0, provided that there are at least two selections to Dutch.
  • Back-Dutching On Specified Selections
    At a certain time before the start of an event find selections in the specified price range, whose cumulative book percentage fits into the given minimum and maximum, and place back Dutch bets on them to win a fixed profit or alternatively to stay within a fixed liability.
  • Laying on a sequence of traps, with loss recoupment
    You start by setting which trap you lay on after a certain trap number won the previous race. For instance, if Trap 1 wins, you lay on Trap 2 in the next game. If Trap 2 wins, you lay on Trap 3 and so on. The sequence does not really matter, you can do Trap 4 after Trap 1, or Trap 6 after Trap 3. The triggers below will do for any set of numbers.
  • Betting on a specified Trap Number
    Simple trigger to lay or back on a specified trap number. Set the trap number in the constant.
  • Betting On Specific Selections
    At a certain time before the beginning of an event lay on pre-defined selections at the best price if their current odds are within the specified limit. This trigger is the right choice if you know the exact names of the selections you are going to bet on, e.g. if you are using a tipster service.
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