Laying in Half Time and backing in Half Time/Full Time


Here is one of the implementations of football arbitrages whereby you lay in one market and back in another hoping to secure a profit in a number of possible outcomes. It does not guarantee winnings, but it has its advantages.

You start by laying on one of the teams in the "Half Time" market (for the team to lead at the end of half time). Immediately after that you put a back bet on this team to win both the Half Time and the Full Time in the corresponding "Half Time/Full Time" market. The sizes of the bets are arranged so that you get guaranteed profit in the following situations:

However you will lose both stakes if the chosen team leads at the end of half time, but then draws or loses the game (which happens quite often to be honest). So consider those chances.


Download the trigger file

Be sure to add both markets for each football game (use Market Locator to make it automatic).

These triggers demonstrate how to connect two markets of the same football event using prefixes.

Watch a video tutorial on how to connect different football markets inside triggers.


Laying on France in Half Time:

Laying on France in Half Time

Backing on France in Half Time/Full Time

Backing on France in Half Time/Full Time

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