Laying on 0-0 in Half Time Score, with loss recovery


Trigger scheme

This example demonstrates how to connect Match Odds and Half Time Score football markets on BetFair. It lays on the 0-0 score in Half Time Score if certain conditions are met (easy to adjust). Besides, it utilises a simple staking plan for loss recoupment.

Checking the Match Odds market for the favourite team playing at home

Laying on 0-0 in Half Time Score when the score is not opened


Download the trigger file.

Here is the full list of conditions that the trigger checks before placing the bet.

It is easy to adjust these conditions by editing the constants in the file:

To run these triggers, you will need to load and refresh the following football markets for each match where you intend to bet:

The trigger requires the market score. Please ensure this setting is ticked:
Settings > Monitoring Options > Market Refresh > Download match score

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